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Pilgrim Nuke Has A Large Rat

Entergy (also the owner at Vermont Yankee nuke that is currently operating without a license) at the Pilgrim Nuke has locked out the workers for not accepting a terrible contract. The workers (ok, scabs) who have been called in from around the country to cross the picket lines and do the union workers jobs, have their own issues too. They were brought in, but they have gone public with not knowing how to run the equipment at this particular nuke. And Entergy expects to TRUST them that they are keeping us safe and that they have the PUBLIC good at heart? Come on!!!

Entergy is a Rat - to the workers and to the public!!

Entergy is a Rat – to the workers and to the public!!

Flasbarth, an architect of Germany’s green energy revolution, is touring Vermont

Beyond Nuclear ■ Citizens’ Awareness Network ■ Safe and Green Campaign ■ Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance ■ VPIRG

Contact: Linda Gunter, Beyond Nuclear, 301.455.5655;

Director of German Environment Agency to present Germany’s renewable energy roadmap and lessons for Vermont

WHO: Jochen Flasbarth, President of Germany’s Federal Environment, similar to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Arne Jungjohann, Director for the Environment Program in the Washington, DC office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

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Aging Nuclear Power Plants in the USA and the World

Ages of US Nuclear Power Plants* at Closure
* Includes only commercial plants of significant size

Plant, Shutdown Date, Age, Reason

Connecticut Yankee, Dec., 1996, 29 yrs, Steam gen. cracking, ECCS undersized

Millstone I (CT), July, 199, 28 yrs, Improper operation, Cost of safety improvements

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Italian voters decide “No nukes!”

Italian overwhelmingly rejected plans to generate nuclear power in Italy in a referendum held on Monday. The margin was apparently greater than 94%. Water privatization was also rejected.

No nukes! 

Italy’s Voters Scrap Nuclear Energy

Berlusconi acknowledges reversal on nuclear power

More coverage:

Voters deal Berlusconi latest blow in referendums

Massive nationwide protests call for an immediate end to nuclear energy

Massive nationwide protests call for an immediate end to nuclear energy,,15114349,00.html

More than 100,000 demonstrators took to the streets in 20 cities across Germany on Saturday to call for a rapid end to nuclear power, even as a government-sponsored national commission is expected to recommend that Berlin abolish nuclear energy within a decade.


Germans’ Deep Suspicions of Nuclear Power Reach a Political Tipping Point

The NYT’s Alan Cowell explains Germany’s turn against nuclear power as the result of a pandering politician and an irrational public. The antinuclear position is presented as an extremist position much like creationalism.


Marine life soaking up radiation along Fukushima coast

Greenpeace finds high levels of radioactivity in seafood far from Fukushima.


Radiated Water at Fukushima Plant May Breach Storage Trenches in Five Days

The time-lapse meltdown continues. Space to store highly contaminated water is  running out.

Was the former governor of Fukushima perfecture prosecuted because he was a critic of the nuke?

The former governor of Fukushima perfecture started out pro-nuclear, turned critic and was then prosecuted for corruption.

From the Independent in the UK via

Warnings of nuclear disaster not heeded, claims former governor

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