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Clamshell’s German Connection by Arnie Alpert


The Clamshell’s German Connection

Here is a Clam story of which I was not aware.  This comes from my colleague, Joseph Gerson, at AFSC in Cambridge.  Prior to his time at AFSC, Joseph and his wife, Lani, were on the staff of War Resisters International in Brussels.  

Joseph writes: 

About Lani’s role: She was the principle organizer of the 1975 WRI Triennial Conference which was held in Holland. She encouraged anti-nuke activists from Weil to participate including the showing of a film they had made about their occupation. It was there that Randy Kehler and several other leading young activists in the anti-nuclear power movement first learned about the Weil model, and soon thereafter (and more nonviolently,) it was applied to Seabrook.

 As you know, change is made by so many modest and unsung heroines….”

No Nukes,

Arnie Alpert

Clam International by Anna Gyorgy

Clam International: Inspiration and Solidarity
by Anna Gyorgy

Even before the age of international listserves and multilingual websites, we had  international connections and cooperation, but they were more physical. We went there, they came here, lugging suitcases full of local leaflets and posters to trade. We felt deeply that we needed each other, for information, inspiration, and mutual  support.

The Clamshell Alliance’s strategy of direct action through non-violent site occupation was inspired by local residents living near the small German town of Wyhl on the Rhine River, near the French border. Read the rest of this entry »