Table of Contents

Table of Contents (alphabetical by author)


  1. Founding Statement of the Clamshell Alliance
  2. Declaration of Nuclear Resistance


  1. Arnie Alpert: Discipline, Humor and the Power of Non-Violence (Concord Armory)
  2. Arnie Alpert: Clamshell’s German Connection
  3. Adam Auster: Nuke’s Achilles Heel
  4. Bob Backus: Seacoast Anti-Pollution League
  5. Wes Blixt: Mass. Municipal Wholesale Electric Co.
  6. Elizabeth Boardman: In Memorium
  7. Bob Brainerd: How Honey Locust Affinity Group Got Its Name
  8. Helen Caldicott: A Desperate Passion
  9. Diane Clancy: Western Mass. Clam, Trainers, MNS
  10. Kristie Conrad: How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm
  11. Frances Crowe: Non-Violence Training; Early Days; On Site; the Manchester Armory; Clam Magic
  12. Frances Crowe: Video interview by Sharon Tracy-full transcript, 6/26/07
  13. Renny Cushing: From South Meeting House
  14. Renny Cushing: How the Clamshell Alliance Got Its Name
  15. Lee Daneker: When I was Called a Clam; Follow the Money
  16. Diane D’Arrigo: My Clamshell Experience; Nuke Technology
  17. Court Dorsey: Clam Magic (Somersworth Armory)
  18. Diane Garand: A Seabrook Local’s Story-Interview by Peter Kellman and Renny Cushing
  19. Susanae Hoch Glovacki: Clam Structure and Support City
  20. Al Giordano: 30 Years After-Lessons of the Clam
  21. Richard Grossman: Jobs and Energy, A National Perspective
  22. Paul Gunter: Sameasiteverwas
  23. Paul Gunter: Arthur Harvey and the Greenleaf Harvesters
  24. Paul Gunter: Wagon Train Across NH, 1976
  25. Paul Gunter: Atomic Power and Nuclear Weapons, Flip Sides of the Same Coin
  26. Jay Gustaferro: Gloucester Resistance
  27. Anna Gyorgy: Clam International
  28. Anna Gyorgy: Letter from Seoul-PeaceWorks 1996
  29. Benji Hiller: Clam Self-Defense and Lawyers
  30. Shel Horowitz: A Rhode Island Clam
  31. Naoto Inoue: Alternative Energy
  32. Peter Kellman: Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  33. Charlie King: Music in Actions and Organizing
  34. Berri Kramer: Legacy
  35. Winona LaDuke: Time to Summon Our Greatest Courage
  36. Cindy Girvani Leerer: Grapes of Rath
  37. Cindy Girvani Leerer: The Wall Street Action
  38. Robbie Leppzer: Seabrook resident interviews from his film Seabrook ’77—Carlene Peruse, the Santasuccis, Diane Garand
  39. Chuck Light: The Barefoot Projectionist
  40. Sam Lovejoy: Birth of the Clam
  41. Michael Mariotte and Aja Binette: Too Cheap to Meter to Too Costly to Matter
  42. Karl Meyer: Manchester Days
  43. Wally Nelson: Non-Violence and Consensus
  44. Chris Nord: Climbing the Towers
  45. Chris Nord: Herbie Greene
  46. Chris Nord: Vestige, a poem
  47. Grace Paley: Some History on Karen Silkwood Drive
  48. Oannes Pritzger: The Quahaug Alliance, A Native Thought
  49. Robin Read: Corporate and Government Surveillance
  50. Robin Read and CW Wolff: Mainstream Media
  51. Suki Rice: As I Recall It
  52. Nelia Sargent: The Affinity Group and Non-Violence
  53. Steve Thornton: Labor and the Clam
  54. Sharon Tracy: Whistleblowers
  55. Harvey Wasserman: Nuclear Powered Lemmings
  56. Eric Wolfe: Dogs That Climb Trees
  57. CW Wolff: Nukes and Passion
  58. CW Wolff: Clam Media
  59. Tom Wyatt: Clam Local Organizing: Public Education