How Honey Locust Affinity Group Got Its Name

By Bob Brainerd

The first meeting of the group was at Northeastern University.  It was evening, and we were sitting under a tree recently planted in the new courtyard on Huntington Avenue.  The tree was a Honey Locust – probably named because of the honey-shade of its leaves.  As I recall – possibly with the aid of a romanticizing memory – the soft lighting brought out the color.

Later, at Seabrook, I had been ferrying Clams from a central parking place to camping grounds.  Finally, the job completed, I wanted to meet up with my group for the night.  I asked some one in charge if they had seen any Honey Locusts.  “ No,” they said seriously, “but it’s pretty dark there in the woods by now.  I think you will have a better chance in the morning”.

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