Clamshell Legacy


This section is a collection of reflections in photographs, images, and words on the Clamshell Alliance and the antinuclear movement.

Like the Clamshell Alliance, this webpage project is democratic, inclusive, and diverse. It is not a polished history told in one voice or from a single point of view, but rather represents the voice of the people in anecdotes, stories, analyses, interviews, and images of all the kinds of people who are the Clamshell Alliance.

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Table of Contents (alphabetical by author)


  1. Founding Statement of the Clamshell Alliance
  2. Declaration of Nuclear Resistance


  1. Arnie Alpert: Discipline, Humor and the Power of Non-Violence (Concord Armory)
  2. Arnie Alpert: Clamshell’s German Connection
  3. Adam Auster: Nuke’s Achilles Heel
  4. Bob Backus: Seacoast Anti-Pollution League
  5. Wes Blixt: Mass. Municipal Wholesale Electric Co.
  6. Elizabeth Boardman: In Memorium
  7. Bob Brainerd: How Honey Locust Affinity Group Got Its Name
  8. Helen Caldicott: A Desperate Passion
  9. Diane Clancy: Western Mass. Clam, Trainers, MNS
  10. Kristie Conrad: How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm
  11. Frances Crowe: Non-Violence Training; Early Days; On Site; the Manchester Armory; Clam Magic
  12. Frances Crowe: Video interview by Sharon Tracy-full transcript, 6/26/07
  13. Renny Cushing: From South Meeting House
  14. Renny Cushing: How the Clamshell Alliance Got Its Name
  15. Lee Daneker: When I was Called a Clam; Follow the Money
  16. Diane D’Arrigo: My Clamshell Experience; Nuke Technology
  17. Court Dorsey: Clam Magic (Somersworth Armory)
  18. Diane Garand: A Seabrook Local’s Story-Interview by Peter Kellman and Renny Cushing
  19. Susanae Hoch Glovacki: Clam Structure and Support City
  20. Al Giordano: 30 Years After-Lessons of the Clam
  21. Richard Grossman: Jobs and Energy, A National Perspective
  22. Paul Gunter: Sameasiteverwas
  23. Paul Gunter: Arthur Harvey and the Greenleaf Harvesters
  24. Paul Gunter: Wagon Train Across NH, 1976
  25. Paul Gunter: Atomic Power and Nuclear Weapons, Flip Sides of the Same Coin
  26. Jay Gustaferro: Gloucester Resistance
  27. Anna Gyorgy: Clam International
  28. Anna Gyorgy: Letter from Seoul-PeaceWorks 1996
  29. Benji Hiller: Clam Self-Defense and Lawyers
  30. Shel Horowitz: A Rhode Island Clam
  31. Naoto Inoue: Alternative Energy
  32. Peter Kellman: Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  33. Charlie King: Music in Actions and Organizing
  34. Berri Kramer: Legacy
  35. Winona LaDuke: Time to Summon Our Greatest Courage
  36. Cindy Girvani Leerer: Grapes of Rath
  37. Cindy Girvani Leerer: The Wall Street Action
  38. Robbie Leppzer: Seabrook resident interviews from his film Seabrook ’77—Carlene Peruse, the Santasuccis, Diane Garand
  39. Chuck Light: The Barefoot Projectionist
  40. Sam Lovejoy: Birth of the Clam
  41. Michael Mariotte and Aja Binette: Too Cheap to Meter to Too Costly to Matter
  42. Karl Meyer: Manchester Days
  43. Wally Nelson: Non-Violence and Consensus
  44. Chris Nord: Climbing the Towers
  45. Chris Nord: Herbie Greene
  46. Chris Nord: Vestige, a poem
  47. Grace Paley: Some History on Karen Silkwood Drive
  48. Oannes Pritzger: The Quahaug Alliance, A Native Thought
  49. Robin Read: Corporate and Government Surveillance
  50. Robin Read and CW Wolff: Mainstream Media
  51. Suki Rice: As I Recall It
  52. Nelia Sargent: The Affinity Group and Non-Violence
  53. Steve Thornton: Labor and the Clam
  54. Sharon Tracy: Whistleblowers
  55. Harvey Wasserman: Nuclear Powered Lemmings
  56. Eric Wolfe: Dogs That Climb Trees
  57. CW Wolff: Nukes and Passion
  58. CW Wolff: Clam Media
  59. Tom Wyatt: Clam Local Organizing: Public Education