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New Sensors Monitor Radiation in Japan

Engineers give data to the people. Following the devastating earthquake in Japan this year and its dangerous impact on nuclear power plants in Fukushima, a network of engineers has banded together to create wireless radiation sensors for the Japanese community. But limitations to radiation sensor technology and stockpiling of key components in other nations threatens to stall opportunities to help. Spanish wireless sensor manufacturer, Libelium, is working on a low-cost solution, a prototype radiation sensor that can be deployed quickly, providing local communities with the technology necessary to assess their risks and manage any potential harms.
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May 7 Plymouth Rock Rally Against Pilgrim Reactor Relicensing

Dear bivalves,
There will be a rally at Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, MA to oppose the relicensing of the Pilgrim nuclear power station on Saturday May 7 from 10 AM to 12 Noon. Beyond Nuclear is one of the speakers.
Organized by a new group Pilgrim: Make Us Safe Today (MUST). Maybe I will see you there and No Nukes,

Paul Gunter, Director
Reactor Oversight Project
Beyond Nuclear
6930 Carroll Avenue Suite 400
Takoma Park, MD 20912
Tel. 301 270 2209