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Sunday October 30: Rally at Vt. Yankee Gates

You’ve Been Served Rally @ The Gates
Sunday, October 30 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Gates of Vermont Yankee
546 Governor Hunt Rd, Vernon, VT
As the Entergy Corporation again prepares to feed the crumbling, stumbling VY reactor…5 months before the scheduled closure date of March 21, 2012, citizens will be there en masse to communicate one thing: Entergy, you’ve been served.

We will not allow this reactor to operate beyond its scheduled closure date. It is time to close up and clean up. Join us Sunday, October 30 at Noon to demonstrate loudly, clearly and peaceably.
Stay tuned for more details.

September 12th actions at Vermont Yankee

September 12th at 6pm at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant.  Join Amherst Shut It Down for a family affirmative, community action!

Puppet parade, radical marching band, street theater and direct action.

Creative action planning at the Amherst, MA common @ noon on sat. aug. 20 and 27, and sept. 3rd and 10th

More info:     Anyone with something positive to contribute to this action is welcome to come and help, and we would love your support.  We are a totally grass roots, no budget,  mostly single- mother group organizing family-friendly actions to shut down Vermont yankee.

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Picnic at the Planet – Action on Aug 21

I am taking part in an event which could benefit very much from exposure to active New Hampshire citizens such as those who visit your website. Would you consider adding our event to your page? We will be picnicking and rallying at the Seabrook NH Nuclear Power plant on August 21st to bring awareness and opposition to the dangers of nuclear power as our energy source. We will be gathering at the plant’s North Gate starting at noon, then we will parade to its South Gate. Attached is a flyer with more information– If you could post the flyer or our event details we would be grateful– Let us know if this is possible, or whether you require any more information.

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A Call to Action Camp

A Call to Action Camp in doc format for download also


In a People’s Campaign to Close Vermont Yankee


We’re pleased to be holding a



Wheelock Mountain Farm

on the

evening of Friday, Sept. 9th and all day Saturday Sept. 10th

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Anti-Nuke Surge: Chernobyl Actions

NIRS posted links to Chernobyl Memorial vigils, events and demonstrations occuring around April 26th in Phoenix AZ, Menlo Park, Concord & Santa Monica CA, Denver CO, Chicago IL, Boise ID, Homestead FL, Atlanta GA, Newport KY, Monroe MI, St. Louis MO, New York NY, Hanover NH, Tomsriver NJ, Albuquerque NM, Brattleboro & Vernon VT, Las Vegas to Nevada National Security Site NV, Perth & Northbridge Australia, Toronto Canada, Paris France.
Chernobyl posted links to 503 international actions in France, South Africa, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovnia, Canada, S.Korea, Spain, U.S., Finland, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Rep., Romania, UK, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine

Final Day-Indian Point to VT Yankee Walk: W.Brattleboro to Vernon

Sunday April 24th: Final Day-Indian Point to Vermont Yankee Walk:W.Brattleboro to Vernon
Please join us for this walk, which began on April 10th at the Indian Point,NY, nuclear reactors (also owned by Entergy) and was initiated by Japanese Buddhist nun, sister Jun Yasuda of the Grafton (NY) Peace Pagoda. Those interested in joining the walk  (either for the last 9 miles – West Brattleboro to Vermont Yankee, or for the last 6 miles from the Marlboro Graduate Center to Vermont Yankee, should register at The complete details are at: