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Annual Clamshell Reunion

The main focus on the 2012 Annual Clamshell Reunion is will be the joining together of several anti-nuclear groups to strategize how to be most effective and work together. There will be groups from several communities fighting against Entergy as well as other reactors. Strategizing is not something that comes natural to us, and involves much more than short brainstorms, followed by prioritizing. Our long-time collaborator, Nelia Sargent, has gathered together vital information on new tools for nonviolent strategic planning that are guiding multiple nonviolent revolutions blazing around the world.

What would be great is for people who are planning to come to the Clamshell Reunion (July 20-22) to read about these tools, so that we can utilize them that weekend. The material is adapted from military strategic planning by Col. Robert Helvey and Gene Sharp, and it presents a new power potential in strategic nonviolent resistance. Please follow this link: Nonviolent Strategic Planning to read Nelia’s description and go further into the chapters that are posted on this website. If you haven’t signed up for the reunion, you can still do so at:

Meeting: Sunday Sept. 18 in White River Jct. VT

RESCHEDULED: 8/28 Norwich VT Meeting will be Sunday Sept. 18 in White River Jct. VT:

WHEN: Sunday, September 18, 2011: 10:00 am ­ 4:00 pm, WHERE: Bugbee Senior Center, 262 North Main Street, White River Jct., VT WHAT: A CALL TO JOIN THE ORGANIZING OF A REGIONAL CAMPAIGN OF NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION TO SHUT DOWN VERMONT YANKEE, 

Initiated by: Randy Kehler, Bob Bady, Nancy Braus for Safe and Green Campaign; Debra Stoleroff, Chris Williams, Robin Cappuccino, David Detmold for the Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance; Deb Katz and Chris Williams for VT Citizens Awareness Network; Hattie Nestel for the Shut it Down Affinity Group, Denis Rydjeski and Betsy Eldredge for the Sierra Club of the Upper Valley.

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September 12th actions at Vermont Yankee

September 12th at 6pm at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant.  Join Amherst Shut It Down for a family affirmative, community action!

Puppet parade, radical marching band, street theater and direct action.

Creative action planning at the Amherst, MA common @ noon on sat. aug. 20 and 27, and sept. 3rd and 10th

More info:     Anyone with something positive to contribute to this action is welcome to come and help, and we would love your support.  We are a totally grass roots, no budget,  mostly single- mother group organizing family-friendly actions to shut down Vermont yankee.

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Anti-Nuke Surge: Chernobyl Actions

NIRS posted links to Chernobyl Memorial vigils, events and demonstrations occuring around April 26th in Phoenix AZ, Menlo Park, Concord & Santa Monica CA, Denver CO, Chicago IL, Boise ID, Homestead FL, Atlanta GA, Newport KY, Monroe MI, St. Louis MO, New York NY, Hanover NH, Tomsriver NJ, Albuquerque NM, Brattleboro & Vernon VT, Las Vegas to Nevada National Security Site NV, Perth & Northbridge Australia, Toronto Canada, Paris France.
Chernobyl posted links to 503 international actions in France, South Africa, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovnia, Canada, S.Korea, Spain, U.S., Finland, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Rep., Romania, UK, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine

11 Women Temporarily Close Vermont Yankee

On Friday afternoon April 22 2011 Eleven women from Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire chained and locked the main gate of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power reactor before police led by local Chief Mary Beth Hebert arrested the women and charged them with trespass. The demonstrators carried two banners reading No More Leaks / No More Lies / Shut It Down Now” and “No More Accidents / Shut it Down Now.” They also stretched yellow caution tape across the Entergy driveway. Read the rest of this entry »