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We offer this information in hopes it spurs all of us on to renewed activism in opposition to the resurgence of nuclear power, to join with those who have kept the struggle going all these years, and to once again fight for justice with a strong and nonviolent heart.

The U.S. nuclear industry is back — bigger, richer and more slippery than ever. After 30 years of no new nuclear power plants in the United States, the industry has taken the first steps for construction of at least 20 new nukes. It’s secured fat new federal subsidies, regulations that cut out the public, and a public relations campaign to convince people that nukes are the only viable answer to global warming. Nuclear power actually presents an enormous carbon footprint just from mining, milling, and enriching uranium fuel.

The nuclear power industry is paving the way for its new nuke game plan. Congress and federal regulators have taken many steps to decrease oversight and increase subsidies for nuclear power plants. In the 1970s, President Nixon proposed 1,000 nuclear power plants by the year 2000. The nuclear industry is now proposing 100 new nuclear power plants by 2020, double the number in operation in 2009.

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