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Annual Clamshell Reunion

The main focus on the 2012 Annual Clamshell Reunion is will be the joining together of several anti-nuclear groups to strategize how to be most effective and work together. There will be groups from several communities fighting against Entergy as well as other reactors. Strategizing is not something that comes natural to us, and involves much more than short brainstorms, followed by prioritizing. Our long-time collaborator, Nelia Sargent, has gathered together vital information on new tools for nonviolent strategic planning that are guiding multiple nonviolent revolutions blazing around the world.

What would be great is for people who are planning to come to the Clamshell Reunion (July 20-22) to read about these tools, so that we can utilize them that weekend. The material is adapted from military strategic planning by Col. Robert Helvey and Gene Sharp, and it presents a new power potential in strategic nonviolent resistance. Please follow this link: Nonviolent Strategic Planning to read Nelia’s description and go further into the chapters that are posted on this website. If you haven’t signed up for the reunion, you can still do so at: