A Call to Action Camp
Posted (Diane Clancy) on 15-08-2011

A Call to Action Camp in doc format for download also


In a People’s Campaign to Close Vermont Yankee


We’re pleased to be holding a



Wheelock Mountain Farm

on the

evening of Friday, Sept. 9th and all day Saturday Sept. 10th

The focus of the Action Camp will be to develop and prepare a response to any effort to keep Vermont Yankee operating beyond the end of it’s Vermont license in March of next year.

You are all invited to help strategize, organize and realize a campaign to ensure that Vermont’s democratic process, it’s laws and the people’s will be respected.  I’ve attached a poster for distribution, and would very much appreciate your help in getting these up and the word out.

Below is a portion of a Call To Action by members of the Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance, the Citizen’s Awareness Network, the Shut it Down Affinity Group and the Safe and Green Campaign co-sponsors the Action Camp.

To register and For more info –

Robin Cappuccino at 533-2296,

Debra Stoleroff at 476-3154 or


Many Thanks,

Robin Cappuccino, Wheelock Mountain Farm, Greensboro Bend, VT

member of the Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance

We, the people, cannot allow a mega-corporation like Entergy to subvert democracy and continue irradiating our region while adding to the tons of high level nuclear waste stored high above the banks of the Connecticut River. The people of this region – by means of petitions, letters, public hearings as well as demonstrations, and votes by the Vermont legislature and annual town meetings – have long and repeatedly expressed their will to close Vermont Yankee and replace its power with safe, renewable alternatives.

Many nations – including Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Japan – are taking action to halt the continued use of nuclear power. Vermont has done the same.

Entergy is determined to keep the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant operating. In a last ditch effort, Entergy is suing in federal court to prevent the sovereign will of Vermont from prevailing in the shutdown of Vermont Yankee.  If the courts rule against Vermont or if Entergy defies Vermont law we must take action for the sake of our lives, democracy, future generations, and the environment.


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